How To Recover Missing Files On Mac

How To Recover Missing Files On Mac

How to recover missing files on Mac in case Time Machine does not help you.

You can always test one of the Mac data recovery software to recover a file in case Time Machine is not working. Due to the fact that it is extremely user friendly, we strongly recommend the software called Disk Drill. Users can simply recover trash Mac with just a couple of clicks with the help of this software. They can recover deleted files one hundred percent in case the space is not overwritten.

This software was designed especially for Mac OS devices. People can use Disk Drill to recover deleted data from memory cards, cameras, iPods Classic, internal or external hard disks, and so on. In case the data has been already overwritten, the software won`t be of much use. You can also use the software called Recovery Vault to prevent any other similar situations once you have recovered your data. Retrieve deleted files from Mac OS X by following these steps:

  1. Find, install and run Mac File Recovery
  2. Use it to scan the drive you want to recover
  3. The software will generate a list of files that can be recovered right after it finishes the scanning process. Select all the files you want to restore.
  4. Do not forget to save the recovered files on your Mac computer.

You can rely on the Data Recovery software to recover deleted files, regardless of the reason of behind your data loss: accidental format, damaged partition, virus infections, or simply deleted files. Every user can use this software according to his needs, regardless of the level of technical skills.

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