Social Media for Businesses in Asia

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Companies that are based in Asia or have a significant presence face many challenges when it comes to social media for their business. The different government regulations and cultures change drastically between countries. Even the social media platforms that are popular vary from one country to the next. However, that does not mean that your company should not embrace social media, and find the best way to use it to your advantage according to the countries you are operating in. Once you begin to use social media, you should be sure to consult with a company like  that specializes in social media marketing for businesses, to make sure you are on the right track and at least help you get started, if not continue your social media strategy and programming.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

If you have been holding off on developing a social media strategy out of fear of negativity from the public or disgruntled customers, that plan could be hurting you more than you realize. Customers and the public will talk about your company online and in social media whether you have a presence there or not. Therefore, it is very important to not only establish yourself on your own social channels, but to monitor what people are saying about your brand in the media, publications, online, and in social media. This helps you get into the conversation and continue engagement and also respond to any problems or complaints in a timely manner. Remember that most consumers just want to know that you respond to complaints and address concerns that are posted online. They are more concerned in that than the actual problem that someone else had.

Media Monitoring Tools

Media monitoring has become an important part of social media marketing. Monitoring can be easy when you use automated tools. Some tools are more robust than others and the level of monitoring ability is reflected in the price of the tool too. Here is a list of social media tools that can be used in Asian countries and also work all over the world:

  1. Isentia is a company with a suite of media monitoring tools that are specifically geared towards businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. They specialize in media monitoring, social media monitoring, brand intelligence and analysis in Asian and Asia-Pacific Countries. They have different tools for different countries.
  2., the Asia-Pacific’s leading social media brand intelligence service, that combines technology, processes and highly trained analysts to deliver online media insights, increasing the capacity of organizations to understand their own brands, their competitors, consumer trends, and to manage communication campaigns with accuracy, depth and speed.
  3. BuzzNumbers is a social media monitoring service available in Australia and New Zealand that provides an easy way to conduct real-time research and uncover data and insights into what your customers and end users are saying online.
  4. IFTTT  stands for If This Then That. The website allows you to make what they call “recipes” out of the different combinations so that if you are mentioned, you are alerted. There are many other options for this website; it can be used for a great deal of different applications for personal and professional use.
  5. IceRocket is free tool that will search across the web and social sites for mentions of keywords, phrases, or names you are interested in monitoring. The filtering options allow you to indicate very specific information that you are searching for.
  6. Social Mention  helps you not only monitor media, but it also measures and defines sentiment. A growing trend in media monitoring is to gauge sentiment using automated methods. 

Conclusion and Takeaways for Your Business

Media monitoring is important for all businesses around the world. However; media monitoring for businesses in Asian countries is crucial as social media for business grows in popularity in this region where image is very important to the cultures. Once you do establish a social media strategy and get monitoring in place, it will allow you to execute best practices in social media communications.

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